Kitchen and Bath Design Process

Kitchen and Bath Design Process

Kitchen and Bath Design Process: From cabinets and counters to flooring and faucets, the renovation process can seem daunting. On this page, you will find information that will help make sense of all the details. Have a question we haven’t covered? Contact us for a free consultation.

The Design Process
Seeing the vision of your perfect space come to life is an exciting and rewarding experience. To make it as productive as possible, consider the following:

The Purpose
Before you begin, consider why you are choosing to remodel your space. Is it to provide more storage? Provide for more efficient food preparation? Open up your living space? Modernize the look? Understanding your unique reasons will help you stay focused and make decisions later.

The People
Knowing how you and your family will live in and use your space and what features currently work – or don’t work – for your lifestyle will help you make informed decisions about your project. Assess your current room, take note of the positives and negatives, and communicate these to your designer.

The Plan
Inspiration for Kitchen and Bath design can come from anywhere, so start exploring. Do you like intricate woodwork or clean lines? Does your aesthetic tend toward the traditional and classic, the ultra-modern, or something in between? Collect ideas from nature, from art, from television, from magazines and start a portfolio. Websites like Pinterest and Houzz have many pictures and design ideas – feel free to bring some to your meeting to give the designer information about your style. We also have some pictures you can browse in our Gallery. We can recreate just about anything you can envision.

The Process
Now that you have the kitchen and bath design vision, how will you get there? Is it as simple as upgrading your cabinets or will it involve adding on to your existing home? Approximately 60 percent of kitchen remodels involve changing the footprint of the kitchen. Are you remodeling one room or making more expansive changes? Knowing these upfront will help you determine the scope of the project and budget.

The Budget
Good budgeting will help make your dream space a reality. The total amount you spend on any space will vary greatly based on your existing home and your new material selections. Making a list of your must-haves can help you prioritize should the need arise. Knowing your budget at the start of your project will allow us to suggest appropriate cabinet lines, fixtures, and finishes. Since we do everything from the design to the installation, we can provide accurate cost estimates and help you stay on target.