Our Services

Kitchen & Bath Concepts is your preferred destination for beautiful kitchen and bath designs and so much more.  We have been building and renovating homes for more than 25 years and are here to help you with all your home design needs, whether it’s changing your kitchen cabinets, remodeling your bathrooms, taking down walls, building an addition to redefine your space, or performing a whole-house renovation.  Our team will take you step by step from the first meeting through the installation of the last finishes and will manage all of the various components of your project for you.

It Starts with Design

Kitchen-Bath-design-2 When you decide to embark on a renovation, you will come in and meet with our professional, in-house designers who will take you through the first steps of creating your dream space.  Your designer will take the measurements of your room and create a personalized perspective drawing based on your needs.

Our designers are experienced and knowledgeable and will be able to recommend wood types, door styles, decorative elements, and layout options based on your aesthetic and budget.  Our Gallery  hosts just some of the designs we can create.
Most renovations involve changing the footprint of your space in some way.  Our custom home-building experience has ensured that we are ready and fully capable of responding to and resolving even the most difficult of spatial and layout challenges.

For more about the process of working with a designer and how you can prepare for your consultation, visit our Helpful Info page.

Appliance Selection

Selecting appliances is an important part of the process.  Knowing you want a commercial range or double ovens, for example, will affect the allocation of space and the layout of your cabinets.  Uncertain of what you want?  Our experienced staff can help you make selections that will function well in your space and fit your budget.


While you are free to use your contractors, you don’t have to. We have our own installation teams that we know and trust, and no one can match our degree of quality, professionalism, problem-solving, and service.  You will not need to manage different teams of contractors or worry about miscommunications.  Our construction management expertise means we will keep everyone on schedule and on budget, and we will work until you are completely satisfied with the results.

Designers, Builders and Contractors

We have special programs for designers, builders and contractors.  Please contact us for more information.